Apple Announces iPad Air, Retina iPad Mini, New MacBook Pros

By Norman Chan

New iPads? We're probably going to get new iPads. But what else?

We're not at Apple's October 2013 announcement event this morning at 10am Pacific, but we'll be following along as new iPads and possibly other products are announced. Apple is streaming today's briefing on its site, at this page. You can only stream using an Apple device (Mac OS, iOS, or Apple TV), and only with Safari. We'll post the big announcements from the event as they happen below. Discuss in the comments!

Tim Cook's opening remarks

As previously announced, Apple sold 9 million iPhone 5S and 5Cs over its first weekend. "The biggest iPhone launch ever." 200 million iOS devices updated to iOS 7 in first five days. Today, 64% of compatible iOS devices have updated to iOS 7.

iTunes radio has had 20 million listeners so far, listening to over a billion songs. By comparison, Pandora had 1.36 listener hours in Sept 2013, with 72.7 million listeners for that month.

App store has a million apps. Devs have earned over 13 billion dollars since the launch of the app store.

OS X Mavericks

Battery life emphasized. Up to an hour more battery life on 13-inch MacBook Air just by upgrading to Mavericks.

Other Mavericks features reemphasized: Compress Memory, Integrated Graphics memory allocation, OpenCL, Safari Shared Links, Finder Tags, Multi-Display management, new apps.

OS X Mavericks will be a free update. Even for people with Snow Leopard. Available today. Supported Mac Hardware in screenshot below.

MacBook Pro

New 13-inch MacBook Pro

  • Now weighs 3.46 pounds
  • .71 inch thick
  • Haswell processor, with Iris graphics (not Iris Pro)
  • Claiming 9 hours of battery life for surfing the web and watchign video
  • PCIe-based flash storage
  • 802.11ac wireless radio
  • Thunderbolt 2 (20Gb/s throughput, up to six devices per port)
  • Starts at $1300, with 2.4GHz i5, 4GB RAM, 128GB storage, shipping today

New 15-inch MacBook Pro

  • Intel Crystalwell processor (quad-core Haswell for mobile)
  • Iris Pro graphics, with Nvidia GeForce GT 750M as an option
  • Claiming 8 hours of battery life
  • 802.11ac wireless
  • Thunderbolt 2
  • Priced at $2000 for 2GHz quad-core, 256GB storage, 8GB RAM, shipping today

Mac Pro

Starts at $3000, available in December, "before the end of the year."


170 million iPads sold so far. 475,000 iPad apps in the App Store.

iPad Air

  • 5th generation iPad, replacing 4th-gen iPad
  • Same 9.7-inch screen
  • 43% thinner bezel on the left and right side
  • 7.55mm thick, 20% thinner than previous iPads. Last year's iPad Mini was 7.22mm thick, so it's close.
  • Weighs 1 pound (down from 1.5lb)
  • Same A7 chip as in the iPhone 5S, not an A7X chip. Likely for battery life.
  • MIMO Wi-fi, no 802.11ac
  • Claimed 10 hours of battery life
  • Space grey and white
  • Same starting price as all previous full-size iPad generations, $500 for 16GB Wi-Fi
  • Shipping November 1
  • iPad 2 kept at $400

iPad Mini

  • Retina display for Mini. Same 2048x1536 pixel resolution as full-sized iPad.
  • Also has A7 chip, a big jump from A5 that was in last year's model.
  • Claimed 10-hour battery life
  • MIMO Wi-Fi
  • Base price is $400 for 16GB Wi-Fi. Smaller size is a premium.
  • Keeping iPad Mini in stock, now priced at $300.
  • Available later in November