In Brief: Nintendo's New 3DS More Buttons, Right Thumbstick

By Norman Chan

And supposedly an improved 3D effect.

Right before PAX weekend, Nintendo announced a refresh to their 3DS handheld line, dubbed the "New Nintendo 3DS". Coming out in both regular and XL sizes, these new consoles are slightly larger than the current models, but adds extra shoulder buttons and a second right circle pad (thumbstick) located above the regular four face buttons. The small circle pad may look awkwardly sized and positioned, but we're withholding judgement until we get to use it. Also added is NFC support for Nintendo's upcoming amiibo toy line, as well what Nintendo claims to be an improved 3D screen. The top display is still a lenticular 800x240 panel (400x240px per eye), but the stereoscopy will now adjust its parallax based on eye-tracking with the front camera--which could be a result of this July 2014 eye-tracking patent. Battery life is also supposedly improved. Are you interested in the New Nintendo 3DS? Is this something you'd like us to review or take apart? These portables are coming out in Japan next month, but we don't expect to see them in North America until some time in 2015.