Tested Goes to E3 2014

By Norman Chan

It's all about the virtual reality.

Sorry for the lack of updates on the site today. We are down in LA all day for E3, doing our signature E3-in-a-day coverage. We flew in at 8am this morning, and met with Oculus VR, PlayStation, and Control VR to get hands-on demos of the latest VR prototypes and new games. At Sony, we played the new Project Morpheus demo, Street Luge, and chatted with Morpheus director Richard Marks. We played the new Oculus VR demos, Alien: Isolation, Lucky's Tale, and SuperHot, and interviewed VP of Product Nate Palmer to carry on our tradition of Oculus interviews. Then, we tried out Control VR, a new motion control system now on Kickstarter. It was surprisingly great, and we'll share our detailed impressions on tomorrow's podcast.

Don't you worry, there was plenty of this:

Stay tuned for our video interviews and hands-on reports, the first of which should be on the site tomorrow!