Xbox One Launching in November for $499

By Wesley Fenlon

No cheap subscription model, no confusing SKUs--the Xbox One is launching in November for $499.

Xbox: On.

Xbox: Release Date. November 2013? That sounds just right--the Xbox One, complete with a Kinect and wireless controller, will launch around the world in time for the holiday shopping season.

Xbox: Price. Four hundred and ninety-nine dollars? Xbox, are you sure you didn't mean three hundred and ninety nine dollars? No? Are you sure sure?

Microsoft is, apparently, quite confident that the Xbox One will sell at the hefty price of $500. At Monday's E3 press conference, the company announced the Xbox One will launch in 21 countries around the world this November. You can even pre-order the console right now, though Microsoft hasn't said which day (or days) in November will see the launch of Xbox One.

Microsoft is cashing in on the "day one" mantra in gamer culture by releasing a limited "Day One Edition" of the console to the lucky few pre-orderers. The bundle includes the console, Kinect sensor, a commemorative controller (it says "Day One 2013" on it in small letters), and HDMI cable, an an exclusive achievement. Day One buyers can also get a commemorative Day One membership card and an exclusive Shadow Jago character for the new Killer Instinct game, so long as they sign up for Xbox Live Gold.

The Xbox One play & charge kit and wired headset will be sold separately. Yep: No headset in the box, this time around.

The console will cost £429 in the UK (~$670) and 499€ (~$660) in the rest of Europe. For more on the Xbox One, read our write-up from last month's reveal. Also, before laying down $500 for the new console, read up on its controversial Internet requirements, used games and DRM policies.