The Razer Switchblade is Really Real if You Live in China

By Wesley Fenlon

If you wanted to get your hands on a Razer Switchblade this year, a move to China may be in order.

Razer’s portable gaming computer we saw at CES was a technology demo that could’ve easily evaporated into the aether instead of turning into a real product. Turns out, Razer liked the Switchblade so much it decided to release the tiny computer . . . in China. At the Intel Developer Forum in Beijing, Razer announced the 7” gaming PC with its customizable LCD keyboard will ship in China running Windows 7 on the latest Intel Atom processor, the Z670.

Tencent. Considering Razer is an American company, success in China could spur a stateside release of the Switchblade. But will the Atom Z670 be powerful enough for any real gaming?