In Brief: Oculus VR Updates from IFA

By Norman Chan

And why John Carmack is excited about their partnership with Samsung.

We're unfortunately not at IFA this week, but there are lots of good reports coming out from reporters there checking out hew mobile devices, like Samsung's Gear VR headset. Oculus VR is there to support that partnership, and interviews with the Oculus team are revealing few new bits of information about the state of the first consumer version release. In an interview with Eurogamer, Oculus founder Palmer Luckey indicated that CV1 would stay between $200 and $400, which is in line with past statements by Oculus CEO Brendan Iribe that CV1 would possibly be sold close to cost. For those hoping that the CV1 will use the Galaxy Note's 1440p display, John Carmack tweeted that the screen is fixed at 60Hz, but future products may fix that limitation to reach a 90Hz target (the DK2 runs at 75Hz). Engadget's feature on the Gear VR headset also has some good quotes from Carmack sharing his excitement for Samsung's speedy hardware iteration cycles. According to Carmack, Samsung mobile display technologies get updated twice a year (once with Galaxy S phones and again with Galaxy Note phones), so Oculus can also "innovate at that pace." Also, for current DK2 users, version 0.4.2 Beta of the Oculus SDK was just released, though existing demos have to be recompiled to take advantage of the bug fixes and changes.