In Brief: Wired's Profile on Oculus VR

By Norman Chan

New details in the magazine's cover feature.

Wired just published their massive cover feature from their latest issue, a profile of Oculus VR found Palmer Luckey and the ambitions of Oculus VR. It recaps a lot of the story followers of the Oculus Rift already know--how Palmer developed his first batch of prototypes before catching John Carmack's attention and Kickstarting the first Oculus development kit--but also teases new details about what's coming next for Oculus. Specifically, the Oculus team talk about working on an outward-facing camera for "pass-through" viewing through the Rift and Kinect-like motion sensing, along with experiments in haptic feedback. The most interesting bit for me was the realization that with current VR tech, 1.4 meters per second was the ideal walking speed for traversing a virtual space. Speed runs are not ideal. Redditors are also scrutinizing the photos and video screenshots of the Oculus office to see if they can pick out any new technologies being used in VR development. We're getting closer to that holodeck--and speaking of which, here's a newly released Oculus-compatible demo of the bridge of the Enterprise 1701-D.