HTC EVO 4G Announced for Sprint

By Ryan Whitwam

HTC and Sprint have taken the wraps off the first 4G smartphone. The specs are impressive, but the release details are still murky.

The real star here is the wireless technology in the HTC EVO 4G. As you may have guessed from the name, this phone will have support for Sprint’s shiny new WiMAX 4G network in addition to the older EvDo Rev A one. The software is a (still rare) Sense UI build of Android 2.1. Sprint is also including a “hotspot app” to turn the EVO 4G into a MiFi-like device for up to 8 users. 
But how does it compare to HTC's other phones like the Nexus One and HD2?

The EVO 4G easily outmatches other high-end smartphones you can get right now. The display alone makes it a desirable handset. It is slightly larger than the HTC HD2, and much larger than the Nexus One’s 3.7-inch display, but still the same resolution as both. The Nexus One does have a vibrant OLED display, but the size difference is stark.

Having 1GB of internal storage solves one major complaint with Android phones: the lack of app storage space. The Nexus One only has 512MB of internal storage, with most of that taken up by the system software. RAM is the same as the Nexus One, and similar to the HD2 (576MB), so no real difference there. The CPU is the same as you’d find in the Nexus One or the HD2, but we suspect the build of Sense UI on the EVO 4G is highly optimized. Indeed, it looks extremely smooth in video demos. HTC’s Sense UI goes a long way to smooth over the rough spots in stock Android, and it makes for a stunning visual experience.

If there is Sprint 4G in your area, it’s hard to overlook the EVO 4G. Sprint just announced more WiMAX 4G markets today in conjunction with the EVO 4G event. We don’t yet know how much of a difference WiMAX will make on a smartphone, but that connection sharing app could be a major selling point. Any way you look at it, the Sprint 4G data will likely be faster than what you get on any other smartphone, including the Nexus One, HD2, and Motorola Droid. Availability was only announced as “summer”. Sprint also hinted that there may be special pricing plans for the new superphone on the block. Maybe an extra charge for 4G?

Any Sprint customers out there planning to line up for this one?