Droid X Officially Announced: 4.3" Phone Out July 15

By Norman Chan

Motorola's worst-kept secret is finally confirmed and detailed.

Motorola just officially unveiled the Droid X, their new flagship Android phone. While it's not technically the successor to the Droid (that title goes appropriately to the still yet-unannounced Droid 2), the Droid X is a huge technological improvement over Motorola's past Android handsets, matching (and surpassing) the specs of HTC's top phones. Motorola seems most proud of the phone's 4.3" screen, edging it closer to the Dell Streak tablet/phone than the EVO 4G. We're not sure how much longer the "bigger is better" mindset can last, but we suspect that 4.3" is near the peak of what consumers want from a smart phone. Firsthand reports from bloggers who attended Motorola's press event in New York indicate that the screen is indeed overwhelmingly huge.


  •  Processor is a 1GHz Texas Instruments OMAP, which is predicted to the same chip to be used in the Droid 2.
  •  8MP Camera with LED Flash, capable of 720p video recording
  • Like the EVO 4G, it has an mini-HDMI (Micro-D cable) port for 720p video out. No word yet as to whether the Droid X will have more HDMI-out settings than the EVO, which was reportedly bare-bones.
  • No hardware keyboard like the Droid (that's saved for the Droid 2), but Swype comes preloaded. The virtual keyboard is also confirmed to be multi-touch, so chording is possible.
  • Surprisingly, there are three mics for noise cancellation, so call quality should be very good. Motorola also touted "high performance" antennas to make the most out of Verizon's service. 
  • Shocker: even though Android Froyo is out today for OEMs, Droid X will ship with 2.1, and won't get 2.2 until "late summer. Flash 10.1 will ship with the phone, though.
  • Battery life will be "the same as the Droid" but Motorola will sell an add-on battery later, which will add a millimeter of thickness.
  • Verizon isn't killing unlimited data just yet, and the Droid X's unlimited plan is the industry standard $30/month.
  • Droid X will also work as a mobile hotspot, which will cost $20/month.You get 2GB of data with this, but after that, it's 5 cents a megabyte.
  • It'll go on sale July 15th for $200 after $100 mail-in rebate and 2-year contract. US only.

Here's the kicker. Even if you bought a Droid last year, you're still eligible for the $200 price as long as you're due for a phone upgrade in 2010 and sign on to a new two-year contract. Looks like Verizon is taking a cue from AT&T and letting people upgrade earlier so early adopters don't feel screwed. On the other hand, this also doesn't bode well for a Verizon iPhone. 
Image credit: Motorola, Engadget