In Brief: Samsung Launches Android Gamepad

By Norman Chan

Available in Europe now.

We're still looking for the perfect gaming accessory to put physical controls on a smartphone. Maybe that device doesn't exist. Maybe that device shouldn't exist. But that hasn't stopped manufacturers like Logitech and Gametel from releasing controllers that you can snap your smartphone into. There's even the GameKlip, which lets you attach a Nexus 7 tablet to a PlayStation controller. Some people have had success with that and the Splashtop Remote PC Gaming THD app for streaming games from a networked PC, a la Nvidia's Shield. Samsung just announced its own Bluetooth gamepad, which it calls the Smartphone GamePad. Uninspired name. But it does have a d-pad, two analog sticks, four action buttons, and two triggers. It's made for Samsung Galaxy phones but there's no reason it won't work on any Android 4.1 phone. It also comes with a clip for mounting your phone on top, which I think is the better way of attaching a smartphone to a gamepad than a case-like accessory that wraps around the entire smartphone. I've been testing the Logitech PowerShell for the past week and there's something about its ergonomics that really bugs me. More on that later this week.