There's Already a "Google Edition" Android ROM for the HTC One

By Wesley Fenlon

A few hours after the release of the pure Android HTC One on the Google Play Store, the ROM has already been dumped and uploaded for existing One owners.

One June 26th, Google put up pure stock Android versions of the HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4 for sale in the Play Store. They're not cheap, at $600 and $650, but for Android fans who want LTE data and more processing oomph than the Nexus 4 has to offer, this is a dream come true. The best Android phones on the market today with no aftermarket fluff and no drawn out waits for firmware updates? Heaven.

Unless you already own an HTC One or Galaxy S4. In which case, we imagine, you might be a little bummed. But there's a silver lining--after just a few hours of availability, someone at the XDA-developers forums has already dumped the ROM from the Play Edition One and made it available for download. You can grab it from XDA right here.

There are a few limitations to the mod. It can't receive OTA updates and the IR blaster doesn't work, which is a limitation of HTC's stock Android ROM. Apparently they plan to release an update for the Play One to get the IR blaster working, but it's currently a no-go on Stock Android.

The ROM uses a custom kernel, but is very close to a carbon copy of HTC's Google Play One. Wait a few weeks and you'll likely see another few mods pop up to perfect the stock Android experience on the One, but for now this is the best there is. Not bad for less than 48 hours work.