Nvidia's Shield Priced at $350, Shipping in June

By Norman Chan

Pre-orders being next week.

This morning, Nvidia announced that its Project Shield Android gaming handheld is now just called Shield. The name change is accompanied by the news that the Tegra 4-powered device will have a price of $350, and will ship some time in June. Pre-orders for the general public begin on May 20th, while people who've subscribed to Shield updates can pre-order starting today. A few things to keep in mind, if you're considering putting down money for one: The Verge's recent hands-on with a near-final production unit yielded some concerns. The big PC streaming feature will still be in beta at Shield's launch, and currently only works with a limited selection of Steam games. Also, Shield can only display Android apps in landscape mode, forcing Nvidia to work with developers to modify their apps to be compatible with the device (eg. Netflix's portrait-only login screen).