Android Marketshare Jumps to 39 Percent in 2011

By Wesley Fenlon

Android grabbed an extra 10 percent of the mobile market in the first half of 2011, but Apple still handily beats all Android manufacturers are the single biggest phone provider in the industry.

According to a Nielsen study of mobile operating systems performed in the first quarter of 2011, Android had barely passed iOS and BlackBerry as the most popular mobile platform. In total, Android devices accounted for 29 percent of the market, while Apple and RIM each held 27 percent. Apparently a quarter can make a big difference: the latest study, published on Thursday, shows that Android has jumped 10 percent in Q2 2011 to control 39 percent of the mobile market.

Nielsen's latest results show Apple gaining a single percent, while RIM has fallen almost as dramatically as Android has risen: it now owns 20 percent of the OS marketshare. While Android's overall the most successful platform, no individual manufacturer has outperformed Apple or RIM. HTC's closing the gap, though: as the dominant Android brand with 14 percent, it might soon pass the house of BlackBerry.

These stats show Android has a strong position in the smartphone market, but they'd look a whole lot different if tablets were factored in. Add iPad (and even iPod touch) sales to the equation, and iOS would be a far bigger contender than it is with the iPhone alone. Nielsen points out that Apple is the biggest manufacturer in the industry, and that's just on the strength of the iPhone. Yep--that's what $3.25 billion in quarterly profits looks like.

The chart paints a grim picture for Windows Phone 7 lovers: while the last Nielsen report gave Microsoft 10 percent marketshare, that number seems to have dropped to nine percent. Palm's representation with WebOS has dropped from four percent to two percent.