In Brief: Guide to Shopping for Wire Strippers

By Norman Chan

It's more important to know what you'll need rather than have one tool that does it all.

I first saw this on BoingBoing, who republished Steve Hoefer's 2012 guide to wire strippers. This isn't a guide to how to use wire strippers, nor is it a guide to the best wire strippers you can buy for every task. Instead, it's something arguably more useful, a guide that explains the different types of wire strippers available, their pros and cons, and what tasks each family of wire strippers are suited for. Even though we love multitools like the Leatherman Wave, tools made for a specific purpose are often not only better at doing the job, but cheaper. We talked about this with Adam on a podcast about an inexpensive beginner's toolkit last year, with some recommendations here. Our position has been that if you can afford it, don't skimp out and buy a tool that will last your forever.