Continuance AA Battery Concept Charges Ahead with USB

By Wesley Fenlon

What's better: charging a battery via USB or using a battery to charge something over USB? Given the limitations of AA battery technology, probably the former.

Yanko Design likes to show off creative concepts that inject a little excitement into the old AA battery. While our modern technology is moving toward longer lasting rechargeable cells, the dutiful AA still hangs around in our old gear, taunting us with the need to buy pack after pack of expensive batteries. Yanko’s AA USB concept packed 4 gigs of flash memory into a classic battery shell and was rechargeable via a USB port.

Continuance battery concept is more like USB Cell (a USB-chargeable AA that actually exists) than AA USB, but with one important distinction. The design calls for a USB port on the battery itself, which can be used to charge the AA cell or power a mobile device from the battery’s limited capacity.

Yanko point out, stepping up the voltage to power something like a phone or iPod would drain the battery mighty quick.