Ira Glass Spills His Worktime Secrets

By Will Smith

The This American Life host shares his favorite work tools, strategies for procrastination, and the one tool he can't work without.

I didn't have a chance to read this Lifehacker interview with Ira Glass when it was first posted, but I'm glad I found it in my Instapaper queue this morning. The voyeuristic appeal of the series is strong for me. I love the glimpses you get into the processes of different businesses and publications. Audio wonks will love the details of the This American Life recording setup (they record interviews using a $240 AudioTechnica shotgun mic), but the real gem of the interview is his best life hack, " wife and I decided to live just a few blocks from where I work. We did this because of our dog. Since I spend at least an hour every night walking the dog, I didn't want to spend another 60 or 90 minutes a day commuting."