In Brief: Five Interesting Things Today

By Norman Chan

The best kind of leftovers.

The tabs are filling up on the browser window I use to keep track of interesting links, so it's time for another end-of-week dump of links and stories that I found really interesting but haven't had the time to share properly. First up is a Wired Dot Physics blog post analyzing the theoretical motion of Spider-Man's web swinging. It's a fun napkin calculation of the average horizontal speed Spider-Man could achieve using a Tarzan-like swing, and whether it would actually be faster than running. Jason Kottke shared this link to the new Daily Overview blog, a collection of lovely satellite photos showing familiar and strange places from an off-planet perspective. Speaking of things off-planet, Adam retweeted this link sent to him by a reader who built an awesome detailed scale papercraft model of the Apollo Lunar Module. It reminds me that I need to assemble this Terada Mokei Mercury astronauts papercraft kit. Also on my calendar of things to do is this "Real Escape Room" puzzle game, which recently opened up in San Francisco's Japantown district. Up to 11 participants pay to be trapped in a room for about an hour, and have to work together to uncover clues and find a way out. I have friends who work at Google who tried this, and weren't able to escape in their allotted session time. Finally, this Dissolve feature on the challenges of modern film preservation is an enlightening read, and answered a lot of questions I had about why there are no easy solutions to the increasing costs and complexities of both analog and digital film archiving. Happy Friday, and we'll see you guys next week.