In Brief: Google Launches Project Ara

By Norman Chan

And a few more interesting things I read today.

So it turns out that when Google jettisoned its Motorola handset division, they kept not only the patents they wanted from the original acquisition, but the Advanced Technology and Projects group. That's the group that was in charge of developing Project Ara, the modular cellphone concept that now has working prototypes. We're still skeptical. Some of Google's intentions and plans for Ara are revealed in in-depth this Time feature, coinciding with the announcement of a developers conference for Ara being held in April near Google's offices. This is the second interesting project to be recently unveiled from the ATAP group; last week came word of Project Tango, a new effort in mobile environment mapping. Details of these projects are trickling out well ahead of June's Google I/O conference, where many expect to see Google's entry into the smart watch market. Hopefully it won't look like the one Motorola was allegedly developing for Google last year.