In Brief: Announcements from Mobile World Congress

By Norman Chan

And one big piece of news that dropped over the weekend.

We're not at Mobile World Congress this week, but our friends from other tech sites are keeping up with the torrent of smartphone and mobile device announcements that has already been unleashed. The big reveal from today is Samsung's Galaxy S5 flagship Android phone, which keeps a 1080p display while introducing features like USB 3.0 connectivity, water-resistant housing, better internal hardware, and a fingerprint sensor. The early consensus is that it's an iterative upgrade to the S4. Nokia confirmed rumors of releasing an entry-level Android phone line, the Nokia X series. It's a forked version of Android made to look like Windows Phone that won't have access to Google's Play store. Our Microsoft tracker Falcon has some thoughts in the forums. Sony also has a new flagship Android phone, the Z2, that it claims has the world's best mobile camera, and Qualcomm announced several new mobile processors. There's also new Galaxy Gear smart watches coming in April, if you're into that. But the biggest news to drop over the weekend may have been Netflix's agreement to pay Comcast for more direct access to its high-speed broadband. Wired lays out why this is potentially a bad sign for the future of net neutrality. And how about that ending to House of Cards Season 2?