In Brief: Five Interesting Things Today

By Norman Chan

Giving this link sharing thing a try.

One of my favorite daily reads is a collection of "five intriguing things," accumulated and shared by The Atlantic's Senior Editor Alexis Madrigal. It's a daily newsletter with five links to interesting stories from news sites, personal blogs, and in some cases remote corners of the web that aren't normally in browser history. Wonderful websites like Modern Farmer and Narrative.ly. Well I wanted to take a stab at doing something similar, so here are five interesting things I saw on the web today. First is a Modern Farmer piece about chicken coops constructed from recycled movie billboards. Then there's this research paper published by the Journal of Economic Psychology about why consumers like round numbers--like at the gas station. Adam shared two things worth checking out: an Arduino-based clock that scribbles out the time and the lovely wool knit craft of Etsy seller Felting Dreams. And finally a great column by io9 Editor Annalee Newitz about how studies in economic mobility give some insight into how the country is socially fractured (with judicious use of a Blade Runner analogy, natch).