In Brief: Our Favorite Animated GIF Maker

By Norman Chan

Updated to version 3.1

Everything old is new again. The animated GIF, which was the Oxford English Dictionary's 2012 word of the year, is more relevant than ever. Even Pinterest may have plans to integrate GIF support. And creating your own animated GIF is super easy. We showed you how last summer using a small (and free!) piece of software called GifCam, and just this month, it's been updated with a bunch of new features in version 3.0. For example, you can use its frame-editing tool to draw "green screen" areas to create cinemagraphs, and output in five different color reduction profiles to conserve file size. It's a 1.5MB exe that every Windows user should keep on their desktop. And if you're using OS X, here's a decent alternative. In fact, here are three other free GIF creation tools if you want to experiment. I would love to see your best creations--share them in the comments below!