In Brief: This Battlefield is an Incredible PC Case Mod

By Norman Chan

Made by a designer over the course of a year.

I've had this link in an open browser tab for over a month, glancing at it every other day to renew my sense of awe. It's a photo gallery of the most intricate PC case mod I've seen in years--a diorama of a fictional battlefield that shows kitbashing at its best. Japanese designer Hiroto Ikeuchi spent over a year fleshing out this scene with model kits from a variety of companies, using an open (non-functioning) PC chassis as a sort of military base. Soldiers strategize on top of video cards, anti-armor bazooka launchers are powered by a USB hub, and a heliport finds its foundation on top of a weathered keyboard. Clutter is reconstructed into a form of storytelling. Ikeuchi tells Wired that the story isn't done either, as he plans on adding to his "living" sculpture. Many more photos of this awesome build can be found here.

Photos via Hiroto Ikeuchi