Tested at CES 2014!

By Norman Chan

What to expect this week on Tested.

I guess 2014 is real after all. Know how I Sherlocked that? It's because I'm sitting in the South Seas ballroom of the Mandalay Bay convention center in Las Vegas, in a pool of several hundred other writers, reporters, and analysts, waiting for consumer electronics maker LG to tell us what world to imagine this year. Yep, we're at CES, my official kick-off to the year. Vacay is over.

CES is going to be really strange for us this year. For one, our team is the smallest it's ever been--just me, Will, and Joey are in Vegas to cover it. No Wes, no Braga, no other support. That was our call, though, because as a consumer electronics event, CES is the least interesting its ever been. (Remember this rant?) Many top tech companies either no longer have a presence at CES or make their major announcements at their own conferences where they don't have to share attention. And as we've evolved as a website, we're less concerned with being on top of every single product announcement than we are of getting a gauge of trends, technologies, and experiences that we think people like us will actually care about. Less reporting on 50 different new smart TVs, more a hunt for the next Oculus Rift.

So what can you expect from us this week at CES? We'll be doing what we've always done, but a little more focused. We'll be attending press conferences, walking the show floor, shooting videos about new technologies and products, and sharing with you our opinions about what we think you should care about. Maybe there'll be a PC building competition thrown into the mix. We'll be meeting with Valve, MakerBot, and Oculus to see what they're up to, and taking a closer look at the offbeat smaller companies in the Las Vegas Convention Center's massive South Halls to find the right mix of weird and interesting.

In traveling light, we also don't have the gear or bandwidth (literally--hotel Internet sucks here) to do evening live streams, but we'll be shooting impromptu recap videos with our tech journalist friends whenever we can find a moment. Possibly over drinks. Definitely at Lotus of Siam. Carpet quest may even make a comeback. We want to make CES fun again, both for us to cover and for you guys to spectate. And we'll do that the best way we know how--by keeping it real. Happy New Year.