Google Glass Firmware Teardown Hints at Future Features

By Norman Chan

Music playback could be the next big feature.

Google co-founder Sergey Brin has said that Google Glass is "basically done," meaning that the final shipping version of the heads-up display will be very similar to the Explorers Edition hardware that beta testers and early adopters have been wearing for almost a year. But while the technical specs--poor battery life and all--may be near final, software updates are where we're going to see Google engineers milking more performance and functionality out of the product. Android Police's recent software teardown of the latest GlassVoice APK uncovered hints at features that Google may be exploring. The full list is below, but the ones that excite me the most are a potential 3D modeling camera app and the ability to create reminders. Read the detailed teardown for analysis on how these features could be implemented.

  • Add a Calendar Event
  • Call Me a Car
  • Capture a Panorama
  • Check Me In
  • Create a 3D Model
  • Find a Recipe
  • Learn a Song
  • Play a Game
  • Play Music
  • Record a Recipe
  • Remind Me To...
  • Show a Compass
  • Start a Bike Ride
  • Start a Round of Golf
  • Start a Run
  • Start a Stopwatch
  • Start a Timer
  • Translate This
  • Tune an Instrument