By Will Smith

The show starts at noon Pacific time, October 25, 2013. Come, join us for 24 hours of fun and bad craziness.

We're in the process of archiving the individual parts. Click the YouTube embed below to start the OCTOBERKAST 2013 playlist, or check part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6, part 7, and part 8. Alternately, the video below is a playlist of all 24 hours of the show. Enjoy!

OCTOBERKAST 2013 is less than 24 hours away, we're starting at noon Pacific on Friday, October 25. That means it's time to announce our guests and let you guys know about donation options. We've got a packed roster of all-stars this year, so take a look then thank them for coming to the show!

This year, Will, Norm, Gary, and Joey will be joined by Roberto Baldwin, Veronica Belmont, Phil Broughton, Colin Campbell, Vinny Caravella, Loyd Case, Roger Chang, Bill Doran, Alexis Gallisá, Jeff Gerstmann, Darren Gladstone, Jeff Green, The Idle Thumbs (Jake Rodkin and Chris Remo), Carl Merriam, Brad Muir, Adam Savage, Drew Scanlon, Brad Shoemaker, Dave Snider, and Jeremy Williams! These wonderful people, plus a LEGO build-off between Will and Norm, Norm's Oculus Endurance Challenge, Oculus Horror (presented by Patrick Klepek), awesome stuff to give away, and 24 non-stop hours of Will, Norm, and Gary suffering. It sounds like a pretty good way to spend a day.

If you're so excited that you can't wait for the show to start to show your support, we've launched the Crowdtilt campaigns early. This year, it's a choose your own charity adventure. You can donate to Child's Play, Doctors Without Borders, or the Electronic Frontier Foundation in support of OCTOBKERAST by clicking on the charities names. As always, we aren't handling the money, it's going directly to the charities. Crowdtilt will issue you a tax-deductible receipt for your donation. Special thanks to Crowdtilt for waiving their normal fees for OCTOBERKAST!

So that's it. We start at noon PDT (3PM on the east coast, 8PM in London, 4AM on the 26th in Tokyo, and 6AM on the 26th in Sydney). The easiest way to find out which guest will be on at what time is to keep an eye on the offical OCTOBERKAST Twitter account. We'll be posting updates throughout the show about upcoming guests, events, and activities.

Original Post Below:

We’re pleased to announce OCTOBERKAST 2013, our third-annual 24-hour podcast marathon… you know, for charity. That’s right, Gary Whitta, Norman Chan, and I looked deep into our hearts one more time and decided that we're ready to spend 24 consecutive hours one more time to raise money for a few good causes.

Wait what? Causes, you say? That’s right. This year, we’re giving you a choice between three different charities, if you’d like to support OCTOBERKAST. As always, you can support Child’s Play, which donates toys and games to children’s hospitals around the world. People have asked us for some other charity options, and we listened. This year, we’ve added two additional charities to the OCTOBERKAST roster, Doctors Without Borders and the Electronic Frontier Foundation. You’ll be able to choose between the different charities at the time you make your donation, and as before, you’ll be able to leave a comment along with your contribution.

As always, we’ll have twenty-four (24) hours of guests, sleep-deprived antics, and inane contests. Jeff Green will be here. Horror games will be played on the Oculus Rift. We’ll stream on YouTube in glorious 720p. Too much coffee will be consumed. There will be archives. We’ll announce the complete guest list and a list of events as we get closer to the big day.

So quit your job, drop out of school, and do whatever you need to do to get 24 hours free by October 25 at noon Pacific time, when we start the show. (That’s 7PM GMT, 3PM EDT, and probably the third of April in Australia, I hear spring is lovely there).