Fitbit to Launch $130 Fitbit Force Exercise Band

By Wesley Fenlon

Walk up and down stairs every single day? The Fitbit Force wants to tell you exactly how many stair steps you've taken.

The Fitbit Flex, Fitbit's activity-monitoring wear-all-the-time wristband we tried out at CES, is about to have company. The Verge has picked up on a new release Fitbit has in the pipe called the Fitbit Force, which will likely be a more expensive step-up exercise wristband with a couple added features. The key addition is a small display which can display a digital watch readout, the number of steps taken, and the Force's settings.

Another thing that will be displayed on the Force's small screen: How many stairs you've climbed. Fitbit has included an altimeter in the Force to track changes in altitude like walking up and down stairs. The Force also has a small physical button next to its screen, likely for toggling between the watch face, exercise readouts, and changing settings.

Image credit: TheVerge

The Verge writes that the new wristband will cost $130, or $100 more than the Flex, and come in a couple sizes and black and blue colors. The Jawbone Up fitness tracker also costs $130, while the Nike Fuelband costs $150. At those prices, exercise trackers are still far cheaper than Samsung's $300 Galaxy Gear smartwatch, and the Fuelband and Fitbit's new Force both can display the time in addition to tracking movement. Depending on your priorities, they may still be the best choice when it comes to high tech armwear.

No word yet on an official release for the Flex, but with renders and promotional photos in the wild, it can't be too far off.