Controlled Demolitions Are Still The Best

By Norman Chan

Watch a 1960s-era power plant turn to rubble in less than a minute.

Yesterday, Florida Power and Light Co. demolished the Port Everglades Power Plant in Fort Lauderdale--candy-striped smoke stacks and all--using 450 pounds of dynamites in a controlled implosion. The plant was decommissioned to make room for the Next Generation Clean Energy Center, a new power plant that will run on natural gas, which is slated to go online in 2016. The old oil plant was built in the 1960s, and was a big source of pollution in the area, emitting sulfur dioxide and smog-forming gasses. FPL had previously demolished a simliar plant in Riviera Beach back in 2011.

See another view of the demolition in the official FPL video below:

(h/t Laughingsquid)