Garmin's HUD Projects Driving Direction onto Windshields

By Norman Chan

But still needs to be tethered to a smartphone or Garmin GPS navigation device.

Projected heads-up-displays aren't new--they've been used in fighter jets and even built-in to consumer cars for years now. But Garmin's new projected HUD device can give your car floating turn-by-turn directions if you're looking for an aftermarket solution. Simply named the HUD, this is a $130 accessory that mount to the top of your dashboard, which then projects information like the time, directions, and car speed (and speed limit) onto your windshield so you don't have to glance to your center console for directions. Displaying the projected information is unfortunately all this device does--it doesn't actually have a GPS or navigation information built-in. Users will need to tether it to a compatible Garmin GPS device or $30 smartphone app, and will still have to rely on those devices for audio directions. And in order for the HUD to work, you'll need to stick a translucent sheet of film to your windshield so the light can properly reflect back to your eyes, though it's apparently visible in full daylight.

Photo credit: Garmin

Garmin says its HUD will begin shipping this summer.