GoPro Gyro Mount Stabilizes Skate Videos

By Norman Chan

Still a ways to go to reach Kickstarter funding.

We love the versatility or action cameras like GoPro and Contour--they're what emerged from the death throes of HD pocket cams like the Flip. But GoPros are unwieldy for stabilized video, and you have to rely on software to get rid of shakiness. Stabilgo is a GoPro mount on Kickstarter that wants to solve that problem. It combines a motorized mount with a gyro and circuit board to detect movement and level the camera while shooting video. Its creators have demoed it with skate videos, but I could see the system being mounted on bikes or even in cars. Pricing is a bit expensive for niche use at $550, and the project is only one-third funded. Maybe everyone's just saving money for the MoVi.