NYC's Second Ave Subway Project Photos are Otherworldly

By Norman Chan

Station construction yields astonishing photos leading up to the 2016 completion deadline.

Adam wanted to share this link from Jalopnik's round-up of photos from New York City's ongoing Second Avenue Subway construction project. The photos, all of which can be found on New York's MTA Flickr page, show the various states of the project at the destination passenger stations, notably 72nd Street and 86th Street. These cavernous tunnels were created by a fleet of massive 200-ton Tunnel Boring Machines, the last of which was named Molina (after the granddaughter of the MTA's construction chief). Six other Boring Machines collaborated to carve out 16 new tunnels for the project, which is slated for completion and public opening in 2016.

We intend to travel to New York again later this year for World Maker Faire, and are making a visit to the Second Avenue Subway project one of our top priorities.