Beautiful Google Glass Teardown

By Norman Chan

“It's surprisingly simple.”

Electrical engineer and maker of things Star Simpson has taken apart her Google Glass Explorers Edition so we didn't have to. The beautifully documented teardown (sponsored by Sparkfun, and licensed under Creative Commons) revealed several new facts about the glasses:

  • The housing required lots of prodding and spudging to pry open, and an internal screw was difficult to access without doing some physical damage.
  • The side touchpad is run by a custom Synaptics module with a T1320A controller.
  • The main board houses a TI OMAP 4430 processor and 16GB of SanDisk flash storage (of which 12GB is accessible)
  • Battery capacity is marked at 2.1Wh or roughly 570 mAh, and is not user replaceable.
  • The tiny display has a native resolution of 640x360, but pixels are 1/8th the size of that on an iPhone.
  • The main display and computing module could be removed from the titanium housing and attached to regular prescription glasses, but the experience was subpar.
Photo credit: Catwig

And in case you're wondering, Simpson and her colleagues were able to reassemble the Google Glass after the teardown, and report that it still operates perfectly.