Fuelband, Fitbit, and Android

By Norman Chan

Mobile device support isn't the biggest problem.

Nike caused a bit of a stir among fitness monitor enthusiasts yesterday with word that it will not release an Android companion app for its Fuelband pedometer. The company line is that it's focusing on iOS and web services, and anyone can sync Fuelband data to a PC using its USB connection. Fitbit has seized upon this opportunity to strengthen its standing among Android users, announcing Bluetooth 4.0 support for Samsung's Galaxy phones. I've stopped using the Nike+ Fuelband, but not because of its app support. It's simply a hassle to charge it every other day when I already have five other rechargeable devices to manage on a daily basis. This is definitely a product category that could benefit from wireless induction charging. Will's been testing the FitBit Zip tracker for a while, which runs on a four-month battery. We'll be discussing its merits when he gets back to the office.