Quick Tip: One Easy Filter to Rid Your Inbox of Mucho Junk Mail

By Will Smith

Junk mail, is the universal irritant. But if you filter message that include the word "Unsubscribe" you can reduce the load on your inbox by a ton.

My main email address turns nine later this year, which means that I get a ton of junk mail on it. Some of it is unsolicited garbage informing me of an inheritance or trying to sell me dick pills and other Mexican pharmaceuticals, but much of it is semi-legitimate. Emails from services I signed up for at one time or another, and either no longer want or can't unsubscribe from due to bad service. However, many of those emails have one thing in common--they include the word "Unsubscribe". By creating a rule in Gmail that automatically archives all email that contains the word unsubscribe, I was able to dramatically cut down the amount of crap in my inbox.