The Digital Locker Gets Better--Amazon Adds Digital Versions of Purchased CDs to Cloud Player

By Will Smith

If you've ever bought CDs from Amazon, you might want to check your Cloud Player account today.

Since the launch of Amazon's Cloud player, it has automatically included all of the MP3 purchases you make from Amazon's MP3 store. It's a handy feature that provides a reliable backup in case of hard drive failure or some other disaster. Today, Amazon added some of the music you've purchased on old-fashioned CDs to Cloud Player as well--they're calling the new service AutoRip CD.

That's right, if you purchased on of the 50,000+ Autorip CDs at any time since the launch of the Amazon's music store in 1998, it's in your Cloud Player right now. If you buy new Autorip CDs, you get instant access to the MP3 tracks via Cloud Player. Marketplace and used purchases aren't included, but I found 1300 new songs in my Cloud Player this morning. They're available in 256kbps MP3 format, the same as other MP3s sold in Amazon's MP3 Store, and like MP3 Store tracks, Autorip CDs don't count toward your storage limits.

If you're like me, this probably won't have a massive impact on your music collection. After all, you probably already ripped those CDs years ago--my physical discs are in a few boxes in the garage. It is handy to have a backup, but this news is more notable because it's the way digital locker services should work not only for music, but also for books and movies. It's my sincere hope that this is first of many similar moves for Amazon.