The Best of Tested 2012: July-August

By Norman Chan

The year in review, part three.

Summer was pretty good to us this year. Fair weather, fun trips, and fine food. And one crazy Comic-Con event that was unlike the previous seven times I've gone.

Let's revisit the best stuff we did this summer!

Tested Goes to San Diego Comic-Con

We knew that Jamie and Adam go to Comic-Con every year for their Mythbusters panel, but we had no idea how seriously Adam took the show. In the weeks leading up to San Diego, we shot videos at Adam's workshop of his cosplay preparation, even though he only got to eventually wear three of his costumes incognito on the show floor. He started off with his awesome Ringwraith costume:

And then changed into his Rocketeer and No-Face costumes to surprise fans before his panel.

When we weren't hanging out with Adam, we walked the floor and caught up with two fantastic companies, Prop Store of London and Quantum Mechanix to hear about their products and collections.

Of course, no Comic-Con trip would have been complete without my cosplay gallery. The engineers finished our new gallery template just in time for us to use it at Comic-Con. Many thanks and kudos to them.

Tested visits the Modernist Cuisine Kitchen and Laboratory

Next up was one of our biggest scores of the year--a private tour and cooking session with the chefs at Modernist Cuisine, who we met earlier in the year at the Exploratorium. Maxime Bilet and Scott Heimendinger were extremely gracious in giving us cooking demonstrations and showing off their kitchen--which is also laboratory and workshop.

23 Essential Tweaks to Perform on your New Nexus 7 Tablet

While we're exploring new developments in food and science, technology and hardware remains close to our hearts. Ryan Whitwam has been doing a stellar job keeping us up to date with what's new in the Android community, and his guide to setting up a Nexus 7 tablet was essential reading.

Tested Meets James Price, the 737 Simulator Guy

James was one of the more impressive makers we met this year. The air traffic controller has spent over a decade building a working 737 flight simulator out of a real Boeing cockpit, right in his garage. His project was, in a word, fantastic.

Artifacts of Apollo: Collecting Memorabilia from the Space Race and Beyond

Some people collect stamps and some collect space race artifacts. Wes investigated the community of space program aficionados who clamor any relic related to American or international space programs. One collector even has a four-foot-by-four-foot hatch built for the International Space Station.

Visits to Adam Savage's Cave

Jamie's Electric Outboard Boat Motor

And yep, we finally got some time to spend with Jamie.