My Favorite Things of 2012: Nexus 7, YouTube, GoPro

By Joey Fameli

Joey's favorite things from this past year, with a special appearance by his dog, Lucky!

All this week, Tested's Editors and writers are sharing their favorite technology, toys, and tricks that they acquired in 2012. To kick things off, our producer (and in-house strong man) Joey shares five things that made his life awesome in 2012.

Google Nexus 7

Google's $200 device turned out to be exactly what I need from a tablet: small enough to fit in my jacket pocket, syncs up with all my Google accounts and Galaxy Nexus, runs the apps I need it to run, helps me manage my calendars, and gives me a variety of things to do on the airplane.


This year I've learned to solder capacitors, perform repairs on my bike, fix a TV, upgrade my shower, and pop, lock & drop all through the "School of YouTube". I guess it's also pretty cool that they host all our video content. This is a service I use multiple times daily, both professionally and personally, and for that it easily makes my top five things I learned to love this year.

GoPro HD Hero 2

What a fun little camera. I've attached to my dog, my bike, my skateboard, my camera rig, my fuse ball table. Whenever I'm doing anything remotely fun, I ask myself, "How would a GoPro fit in this?" Aside from the less than ideal low-light recording, the video quality is generally really nice too. (Lucky the dog may not agree!)

Joyce Chen 10" Bamboo Steamer

Last year it was Tortillas and Mexican cooking for me, but when I moved to San Francisco, near Clement Street, I fell down this rabbit hole of Asian cuisine. I've been trying my hand at won tons, stir fries, curries, but the most fun I've had has been bamboo steaming; Dim Sum, chicken, veggies, fish, and all that good stuff. A bamboo steamer is super easy to use; there's nothing to it you couldn't learn in less than 3 minutes on YouTube.

(It's great for reheating dim sum too!)

1000 Push-Ups for Charity

Granted, we had our fair share of ups and downs, but we've come out stronger as a result.