Why I Love Flickr's Art of 3D Printing Failure Photo Pool

By Will Smith

3D printers are easier to use than ever before, but they're still prone to interesting errors. The Art of 3D Printing Failure pool makes it easier to diagnose and fix your 3D printing woes.

For the last few years, Flickr has been a place where I send my photos to die. With the recent relaunch of Flickr’s great new iPhone app, I’ve been spending more time actually browsing photos on Flickr than I have in years. When I found The Art of 3D Printing Failure photo pool, I realized I’d found a bunch of kindred souls.

Photo Credit: Flickr user Robotsprout via Creative Commons.

The idea of a photo pool is simple--anyone can join the group and post photos to a shared pool. The Art of 3D Printing Failure group is a place to catalog anything weird, unusual, or unexpected that happens when you’re using your 3D printer. The goal is to document your mistakes so others won’t make the same ones. Given the multitude of ways that 3D printers can mess up, having a gallery showing other people’s mistakes is infinitely more useful than trying to parse text descriptions that include terms, such as spaghetti-like, blobby, or seamy, to figure out exactly what your printer has made.

I’ve already uploaded a few of my recent mistakes, and I’ll keep doing the same in the future. Have you found any other Flickr pools worth checking out?

This image courtesy of Flickr user Robotsprout under a CC license.