How To Get Music On Your iPod Without iTunes

By Matthew Braga

Despite what Apple may have you think, there's more than a few options out there for an iTunes-free sync.

Despite it's fancy, brushed metal skin and $0.99 downloads, there are some people who simply don't like iTunes. And that's fair. There are literally hundreds of other media players that you can use to satisfy your Genesis obsession, and its nice to have a choice in terms of features form and function. Unless you're an iPod user that is. Apple's popular media player has been locked to iTunes for years, forcing users to stick with the software even if it's not their player of choice. PC users in particular have been disappointed in how resource-intensive iTunes has become. It's crashy and the Apple auto-updater is just annoying (no, we don't want to install Safari).


DoubleTwist (Mac/Windows)

 It looks like iTunes, but it totally isn't. We swear.
we've mentioned DoubleTwist before as one of the Android's better desktop media clients, but that's not to say iPhones and even iPods have to be left out of the party too. Once you've plugged in your device, DoubleTwist will display an image of your iPod, and give you access to all your songs, playlists and album art in a very iTunes-like fashion. In fact, the entire application takes cues from Apple's media player, which isn't entirely a bad thing.  And best of all, syncing to an iPod — even one not "paired" to that particular computer — requires just a simple drag and drop. If you find yourself managing multiple music-playing devices, that sort of functionality can come in handy.

Sharepod (Windows)

Drag-and-drop simplicity. 

Doh. Seems we were a bit too quick to judge Sharepod on that one. More recent versions have full iTouch/iPhone integration, making this one of the best, all-around apps you can get for loading up tunes.

MediaMonkey (Windows)

Lots of functionality here for feature fans. iPod sync is just on of them. 

Floola (Mac/Windows/Linux)

You read my Windows-formatted iPod under OS X, and for that, I love you. 

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