MakerBot to Be Acquired by 3D Printing Company Stratasys

By Norman Chan

The deal is valued at $403 million in Stratasys stock.

Stratasys, the makers of the professional-grade Objet line of 3D printers, has announced that it will acquire and merge with MakerBot Industries in a stock-to-stock transaction. The deal, based on Stratasys's closing stock price today, is worth $403 million, with $200 million of additional performance-based bonuses. MakerBot Industries reported a revenue of $11.5 million for the first quarter of 2013. The acquisition includes not only the MakerBot 3D printer business (in which over 22,000 units have been sold so far) but also the Thingiverse site, which is currently the most popular repository for shared 3D models. MakerBot will operate as an independent subsidiary of Stratasys, and CEO Bre Pettis will continue leading MakerBot. Congrats to Bre and the entire MakerBot team. It's been really exciting to see how far they've come from when they released the first MakerBot over three years ago.