In Aisle Four, Next to Laser Printers

By Norman Chan

They'll also sell you refill cartridges.

Staples will be the first major retailer to carry a home 3D printer in its brick and mortar stores. Starting in June, the office supply chain will carry 3D Systems' Cube 3D printer in both its online store and select physical stores, retailing for $1300. The Cube 3D printer, which we haven't tested yet, is able to print objects up to 5.5-inches wide and tall, and uses 3D Systems' proprietary cartridge-based filament refill system. It may be just me, but this brings back memories of pre-built Alienware gaming PCs being sold at Best Buy stores at special kiosks. 3D printing awareness is definitely becoming more mainstream, but I'm unconvinced that it's more than just a curiosity right now for most people.