DIWire Bender is Like Bender's Long-Lost Ancestor

By Norman Chan

A rapid-prototyping CNC machine that makes beautiful 2D and 3D wire art.

New York City-based design firm Pensa built the DIWire Bender as a simple rapid prototyping machine to make simple 2D and 3D shapes from vector drawings:

Most 3D printing technologies are not well suited for printing thin lines because the materials are weak, the machine uses a lot of 3D-print support material, and the process is slow. The closest thing to a machine that can output lines is a CNC wire bender, but these machines are used almost exclusively for mass production in factories. They are not used for rapid prototyping because the equipment is large, expensive and takes trained personnel to run. So, we decided to make the DIWire Bender.

The firm plans on making the design of the machine open source, including releasing its bill of materials, instructions for construction, and the code for its software. Just what MomCorp needs to begin making bending robots.

(h/t Bruce Sterling)