Microsoft Pulls the Wraps Off Internet Explorer 9

By Will Smith

The next version of IE may not convert Firefox or Chrome users, but Microsoft says it will bring speed and better support for industry standards to the masses

At MIX10 today, Microsoft announced a developer preview of the upcoming Internet Explorer 9 browser. Featuring limited support for HTML5 (including embedded video and audio), Scalable Vector Graphics, a faster Javascript engine, GPU-accelerated renderer, and support for CSS3. There's no release date scheduled, and from our admittedly-short testing, the developer preview is great to see how IE9 will render your next-generation site needs more work before it's ready for use in the real world. The developer preview is just a preview of the renderer, it's missing the newly redesigned UI and the other accoutrements, such as a history tool or bookmark manager, that make up a browser.   
The bad news: IE9 won't be compatible with Windows XP. Time to upgrade XP holdouts.