TED Talks Give Us Liquid Metal Tech and Cooperative Quadrocopters [Video]

By Wesley Fenlon

DARPA and the University of Pennsylvania keep up the TED talk tradition of amazing technology.

If you haven't already seen the University of Pennsylvania video of quadrocopters performing the James Bond theme, go ahead and scroll down now to watch it--no other technology's going to look cool in comparison for the rest of the day. If you have seen it, here's some interesting background: the video of musical robots was made for a recent TED conference that also highlighted liquid metal batteries and Mach 20 flights.

Researchers are developing 1 kilowatt hour batteries that combine magnesium and antimony while DARPA is testing the gliders that can travel at Mach 20 speeds--fast enough to fly from New York to LA in about 11 minutes. Dream of the air transportation of the future--but enjoy the music-playing quadrotors of the now, because those things are entirely too cool.

Want to catch the whole talk on cooperative quadrotor robots? Here it is!