Tested @ CES 2012: Our Complete Coverage + Behind the Scenes

By Norman Chan

Here's every video and story we posted from CES 2012, all on one page. Behind-the-scenes photos too!

We had an amazing time at CES this year. Of all the times Will and I have been to Las Vegas to cover CES, this was by far the most fun and productive trip we've ever made. With a crew of seven, we published over forty videos and forty stories from the show floor, dwarfing our coverage from last year. Our production team of Drew, Joey, and Thomas did an unbelievable job shooting and editing great videos at a demanding pace, while writers Matt and Wes admirably posted from the convention hall with in-depth reports. As Will likes to say: they were rock hard. And in case you missed any of our coverage, I've sorted and assembled it below, all on one page.

Let's start with the videos that all of you should watch, whether you care about smartphones and next-gen TVs or not.

Must Watch: Daily Recap Videos

The TL;DR version of our trip. All five days we were in Las Vegas, distilled in five easy-to-digest videos. Here, you'll catch glimpses of products and sights from the floor that didn't get their own videos, too.

DriveStream: The Road to CES, In-n-Out, Jerky, Windmills, Power

CES Day 0: Press Conferences, Intel Flubs, Will Smith, Rodeo Clowns

CES Day 1: 4K Projector, Mirrorless Cameras, PS Vita, Galaxy Note, No Compromises

CES Day 2: 4K TVs, 8K TV, Lenovo Yoga, Bringing the Hammer, Eliza Dushku

CES Day 3: Sphero, Liquipel, ePawn, Makerbot, Razer Fiona, Holograms

Show Floor + Hands-On Videos

Nokia's new Lumia 900 gets a thorough examination and blinds Norm.

HP claims its Envy 14 Spectre laptop is without compromises, and has a price to match.

We rush back to the office to Quick Look the Sony Bloggie that was announced on the first night of CES.

Viewers are quick to point out that the Swivl may be used for amateur "home videos."

Norm will never lose his affable Canadian with the Tagg Pet Tracker.

Wes is sent with the GoPro HD 2 on a mission to be a hero, and doesn't return empty handed.

The Violet Karotz is deceptively adorable, and packs programmable hardware in its guts.

The Roku Streaming Stick may do away with the traditional set-top box formfactor.

We wonder why Samsung doesn't you to call its Series 9 Notebook an Ultrabook.

Sony's 4K home projector isn't really for homes as it is for mansions with private theaters.

We finally get hands-on time with the PS Vita, and it makes a big impact on our eyes.

Norm explains what's special about Panasonic's top-of-the-line mirrorless camera.

Phone? Tablet? It's Galaxy Note. But what is it actually good for?

Bird watching--George McFly style--will never be the same again with Sony's digital binoculars.

The iCade is no longer an April Fool's joke, and now adds two more devices to its lineup.

Sony's NEX 7 camera is still difficult to find in stores, and Norm shows you why its in high demand.

Finally, another Xperia phone with PlayStation Certification. The camera's not bad, either.

The 7.7" Samsung Galaxy Tab inches ever so close to the 7" sweet spot.

Will is astounded by the capabilities of Samsung's Smart Window transparent LCD.

The first Windows 8 laptop we encounter strikes some interesting poses.

LG's Spectrum smartphone shows why 720p displays and LTE are Android's strong suits.

Norm gets hands-on with this Leica-like camera that boasts high-end DSLR-quality photos.

Is it the eXtreme or the eXcite? Doesn't matter, because the thin and light Toshiba's X10 is exceptional.

One of the only devices we saw running Android 4.0 was...a Lenovo smart TV?

Will wins a race with the Sphero and can't wait to introduce it to Chloe Bananas.

Norm and Drew practice some thrustmastering with the Ferrari F1 steering wheel.

Tobii's eye-tracking system doesn't exactly renew our faith in technology, but works really well.

We don't think PC gaming needs to be reinvented, but the Razer Fiona actually works.

1% Norm gets in the passenger seat of a Tesla Model S, and uncovers dashboard secrets.

We love board games and we love digital screens and the ePawn is a digital screen that plays board games.

You didn't think we'd get through CES without saying hi to our friends at Makerbot, did you?

Hands-On Reports

Our reporters Wesley Fenlon and Matt Braga scouted the show floor for hidden tech gems. Here's what they found.

Hands-On: Henge Teases Its New MacBook Air Dock

Hands-On: ePawn Arena Display is Awesome in Person

Hands-On: Life-Phorm Camera Mount is More Spider than Subtle

Hands-On: Lenovo's K800, Intel's First Android Phone

Hands-On: QOOQ Tablet is Made for the Kitchen Techies

Hands-On: Fujifilm's X-Pro 1 Mirrorless Camera is a like a Leica

Hands-On: Recon MOD live Sport Goggle with Micro Optics

Hands-On: Tamaggo 360 Degree Panorama Camera

Hands-On: Basis B1 Health-Tracking Wristband

Hands-On: Canon's Compact G1 X is No Ordinary Point-and-Shoot

Hands-On: Lumus See-Through Holographic Digital Lenses

Hands-On: The state of Mirasol color e-ink readers

Hands-On: Wireless Charging Table Prototypes

Hands-On: Audio-Technica's Prosumer Turntables

Hands-On: Tobii's Windows 8 Eye-Tracking System

Hands-On: MSI's External Thunderbolt Laptop GPU

Hands-On: Vizio's New PC Laptops and All-in-Ones

Hands-On: Here's What Video Looks Like on an 8K TV at Native Resolution

Nightly Podcast LiveStream

Every night, we recorded a live video podcast to discuss the day's announcements and chat with special guests. Be warned: Vegas Gary is in full effect.

This is Only a Test: CES Day 1

This is Only a Test: The Future of Games [EXTRA]

This is Only a Test: CES Day 2

This is Only a Test: CES Day 3

Note: You can also watch the live show videos on our Justin.tv archive page.

Press Conference Recaps + News Reports

LG announces its 2012 TV Lineup and makes some noise with its Blast Chiller fridge feature.

Sharp grabs our attention with TVs with handles on them.

Intel lays out its Ultrabook strategy and shows off concept laptops.

Nokia announces its flagship Windows Phone 7 phone for the US.

Samsung plans to future-proof its TVs and makes a bunch of tablet and notebook reveals.

Sony's second Google TV attempt will fix the remote problem.

USB 3.0 will make its way to tablets and phones next year.

Dell joins in on the Ultrabook market with the XPS 13.

The Android Perspective

Android expert Ryan Whitwam shares his notes from the sidelines and evaluates Google's Android presence at this year's CES.

Pre-CES Predictions: Our Android Hopes and Fears

The Biggest Android Announcements at CES

How Google Missed an Opportunity to Make Android 4.0 Matter at CES

The Problems Faced by Dedicated Android Media Players

What Intel's Medfield Chip Will Mean for x86 Android Devices

What We Brought to CES

Our tradition of showing you what gear we carry continues with a new batch of "What's in Your Bag?" videos.

What's in Your Bag, Will?

What's in Your Bag, Norm?

What's in Your Bag, Wes?

What's in Your Bag, Matt?

Behind the Scenes

A loose collection of photos I took throughout the trip. Starting with the drive down to Las Vegas, sights from press conferences and the show floor, a few memorable meals, and our trip back. A few highlights: setting out our livestream set in the suite, hunkering down around power outlets in between press conferences, a wild Ballmer, a wilder Will Smith, ultra-thin OLED TVs, booth models that made us all uncomfortable, fried chicken benedict breakfasts, submerged tablets, makerbot meetup, and a weary team on the very last morning!

...and More to Come

We're not done yet. Even though we're back in the office, we're still planning a few more in-house Quick Look videos of products we brought home from CES. We'll also be shooting two more "best of" videos of our favorite products and technologies we encountered, after processing everything we saw this year. If you followed along with our coverage of CES 2012, please let us know how we did in the comments below!