About Tested

By Will Smith

Yeah, this is a page about the site. I know. It's so navel-gazing of us.

Who Is Tested?

We're just a bunch of dudes who really, really love technology. No, not in a I'm-gonna-hump-your-Kindle kind of way, but in a wholesome, all-American I-just-want-to-test-out-all-the-latest-gear-and-see-if-it's-awesome! kind of way. Collectively, we've written about everything from PC hardware, e-book readers, and smartphones to squirt guns and Internet porn--not to mention games, video, and a whole boatload of other stuff over the last 10 years. If we didn't have a day job that let us test out all the latest gear as soon as it was out, we'd probably just spend a LOT of money on this stuff. Also, Tested is a part of WhiskeyMedia, just like GiantBomb, ComicVine, Screened, and AnimeVice.

That was the short answer. If you want the long answer, click here.

So, What Kind of Technology Are You Into?

The short, pithy answer is: We'll cover any technology that's awesome. The longer answer is that we're going to start with the categories we're really excited about: smartphones, laptops, e-book readers, TVs, netbooks, tablets, headphones, coffee, and even PC components. However, our number one rule is to make Tested the site that we'd be interested in reading. If you think there's something we should be covering, but aren't, please let us know.

I Want You To Test My Favorite Product!

If you make stuff and would like us to test your product, send us an email describing the product. Let us know exactly what it does, who it's for, and why you think we'd be interested. We're really only interested in stuff that normal people would buy for themselves, so don't send us any email about enterprise switches and please don't send us anything unsolicited (except food, we're partial to pastries). To spam the editors' email or pitch a product or idea at us, drop us a line at tips@tested.com. Our mailing address, for physical goods and letters from prison, is:


Whiskey Media

921 Front St. Suite 100

San Francisco, CA 94111

What's Can I Do at Tested Today?

Right now, you can create an account, connect your profile with your Twitter feed, post to your user blog, just hang out in the forums, or post comments. In the coming weeks, we'll be turning on a ton of badass new features, many which will be familiar to Giant Bomb users, but we have some secret sauce all our own planned exclusively for Tested as well. We'll post about new features on the homepage as stuff comes online, so stay tuned there or sign up for our Twitter feed or Facebook page.

I'm a Premium Member, What Does That Get Me?

You should check out this handy and informative page. It has all the details you're looking for.

Are You On Twitter or Facebook?

Yes, yes we are. Here's our Twitter feed and here's our Facebook page. We're giving away a lot of cool shit to people who sign up at either of those places.