Sony's 3D Headset Jumps From Concept to Reality

By Wesley Fenlon

3D. IN YOUR HEAD. Brought to you by Sony.

In less than a year, one of the wildest devices we saw at CES 2011--Sony's 3D headset--has jumped the gap from concept prototype to real product. The head-mounted 3D display uses two 1280x720 OLED panels to simulate a big screen image right in front of your eyes and pumps virtual 5.1 surround sound into your ears to complete the in-your-face movie theater experience.

The catch: Sony's HMZ-T1 3D visor debuts in Japan for 60,000 yen, or almost $800, this November. And, sadly, Sony's redesign makes the 3D visor look a little less Star Trek and a little more bumper car.

Though the screens inside the HMZ-T1 measure only .7-inches, they create the illusion of a much larger screen--approximately 750 inches, according to Sony. Because each panel gets its own 3D signal, there's no worry about image crosstalk or losing lines of resolution. An on-board control key allows you to modify settings like volume and video playback with HDMI CEC devices.

You won't have to worry about wasting energy when the HMZ-T1's not in use--it includes a sensor to automatically shut off when your face isn't strapped in. The headset itself attached to a processor unit via HDMI. That unit can also do HDMI passthrough, so you won't have to constantly switch HDMI cables around to watch something on TV or on the headset.

Image via AFP/Getty Images