10 Stories You'll Never See on Tested

By Norman Chan

These are headlines you may find on other sites, but go against our mission.

Our manifesto gives you an idea of what kind of content that you’ll find on Tested. We’ll only make posts about products and news you care about, or that will inevitably affect the way you interact with technology and the internet. But it’s also useful to explicitly tell you what we we’re not about for you to understand what we are. In that spirit, here are ten examples of stories you will never see on this site. 

How to set up an RSS feed in 4 Steps 

Why you wont read this here: We won’t write insubstantial how-tos just to claim links in Google search results. Our guides will be authoritative, well researched, actionable, and most important of all, interesting. We want to show you how to do things with your hardware and software that you didn’t know was possible.  

What does Grandma think about the iPad  

Why you wont read this here: If we’re going to interview someone, they will be a voice and opinion that matters to you. If an interview can’t bring some insight to the table, we’re not going to run it.  Well, unless it's really, really funny.

Top 10 Pretty Pink iPhone Cases  

Why you wont read this here: Yes, we know lists are popular. But frivolous lists of products you don't give a shit about are a waste of space. We’re not oblivious to the absurdities found online, but we would rather call out things that are interesting, not inane.  

Review of Asian-Market Cellphones You Can’t Buy  

Why you wont read this here: Like the news we report, the products we review are ones you care about – things you can actually buy. Besides, those weird one-off phones are inferior to good, old-fashioned American smartphones anyway.    

New Study Shows People Don't Care about Internet Studies  

 Studies, statistics, and subsequent analysts’ proclamations can make for sensational headlines, but have no effect on your everyday life. For the most part, these data points are harmless and meaningless. We won’t waste your time reporting them. 


How Your Cat can be a Master at FourSquare  

Why you wont read this here: Like you, we feel the pain of social media fatigue. So we’re not going to contribute to the problem. If there’s a hot new web app that is actually useful, we’ll tell you about it. But you won’t find FourSquare or Farmville fanaticism here.  Likewise, we're not going to bitch about these services either.  They're there, we'll tell you about them, and you can choose to use them yourself, or not. You're a grownup. 


Unknown Tech Startup Gets Millions in New Funding  

Why you wont read this here: Industry and B2B news with no immediate implication for the end-user has no place on Tested. TechCrunch and Venturebeat already do a great job of covering those announcements, and we’ll report on startups when they actually have a product to show off.  

What are Mark Zuckerberg and Julia Allison Up to Today?  

Why you wont read this here: We’re not interested in the lives of the Twitterati, Facebook executives, or other business people. We'll evaluate and celebrate products, not the people behind them.  We reserve the right to break this rule when someone really interesting is talking.

How Twitter is changing the Way You Put on Pants  

Why you wont read this here: Either you use Twitter or you don’t. If you do, you probably have a good sense of how to use it. Also, you should follow us. We’re not going to clutter our news feed with stories about celebrities using Twitter or the latest Twitter aggregator. But we do recognize Twitter as a useful tool for sharing insight and spreading information. That’s why we track the editor's status updates, let you guys sync up your user profile, and spotlight tweets that we find notable.  


Office Printer Review Roundup   

Why you wont read this here:
 We review aspirational products that are worthy of your desire. Whether they actually turn out to be good products, though, will depend on how they fare in our tests.     
If any of these are headlines that make you want to click through to read more, you’re probably in the wrong place. There are plenty of other sites that bloat their news feeds with stories about ugly phone accessories and social media narcissists. Not us. Why? Because they’re not products or news we care about, and think you want to know about.  

That doesn’t mean we’re not aware of these topics, or will never mention them in other contexts. But Tested's mission is to deliver information that is relevant to your interests and applicable to you--a reasonably normal human being who digs technology. And as has already been covered, we work for you. That means we want to hear feedback from you about our content. Let us know what you want to see, either by posting a comment or dropping us an email.