New Firefox 4 Beta Does 3D Graphics, No Plug-in Required

By Sam Cook

The Firefox team has released a new version of their browser, which adds support for WebGL and hardware acceleration.

The best thing about competition in the web browser market is that it drives innovation and performance. The next round of browser releases has all the big players creating the fastest web experience possible, while also adding new features and support for powerful technologies. The fresh release of Firefox 4 Beta, for instance, opens up the web’s visual power with support for WebGL and hardware accelerated graphics.

yourself below.

an easy guide on how to check in the new Firefox 4 Beta release.

The beta is available right now, and also brings better JavaScript performance, OpenType font format support, and is a step up all around. If you happen to be a Firefox Add-on developer, take note that the APIs for that are now stable, so you can begin updating your work for version 4.