What's It Like To Be a Parent in Space?

By Norman Chan

For astronauts who have to leave their children behind on earth, parenting from 250 miles above ground is not easy.

The Times has a really interesting profile on the astronauts on board the International Space Station who are also parents to small children. Astronaut Karen Nyberg, who is currently aboard the ISS, is spending six months away from her three-year-old during her expedition, and is participating with a television documentary on motherhood. The story relays the experiences of past space moms and dads, including Cosmonaut parents who may approach parenting from a different cultural perspective. One shared thread is the benefit of modern communications technology between the ISS and earth--a parent on the ISS is able to video-chat with their kids regularly, and some have even brought toys from home as personal items to feel more connected during those calls. Read the entire story here.