Listen to This: RadioLab Talks About Alan Turing

By Will Smith

Alan Turing invented the modern computer and helped the Allies beat the Germans in World War II. This episode of RadioLab is a great introduction to his life.

I spent some time driving up and down the peninsula this morning, and a fantastic episode of RadioLab popped up in Instacast. If you're not familiar with RadioLab, it's a NPR show that's always clever and informative, and usually quite entertaining to boot. The episode in question is about Alan Turing, who was a mathematician who is usually credited as the inventor of the modern computer, the inventor of the Bombe which let the Allies crack the German Enigma encryption scheme in WW2, and a whole bunch of other really awesome stuff.

Photo Credit: Flickr User Mark Auer via Creative Commons

If any of this sounds moderately interesting to you, I strongly encourage you to give a listen to this episode. One of the guests is James Gleick, who wrote The Information. It's an incredible book, which I'll be talking more about soon.